Tracking News from Central America – 1

It has been about 10 days now since I arrived in Nicaragua. I think it’s time for the first Tracking News real article! So I arrived in Managua last Tuesday, totally exhausted after about 48 hours of no sleep. I had a good sleep in an air-conditioned room and then I was ready to start my Nicaraguan adventures! I moved the next day to Sonati hostel where I will stay and volunteer for the next 3 months. My first impression has been really good and it didn’t change yet. The place is clean, my bed is comfy and the most important is that I feel very welcome in the team. People are awesome, kind, friendly, nice… I miss words to tell how I feel good here. I know it may sound exaggerated, but I really feel like I’m at the right place at the right time. I already had a couple of days off so I went to the beach and I enjoyed it a lot. Unfortunately, I deleted all of the pictures I took that day. The food is delicious and I’m afraid I will get fat soon… Everything is so cheap and portions are huge!

 My volunteering work consists of being at the reception about 35 hours a week. I like it: I meet a lot of people and it is pretty funny to see the hostel on the other side (the managing side). The hostel itself suits me really well: being a quiet person, I prefer places which are not too loud and busy. Sonati, as a nature lover’s business is just perfect for me.

 I started to work on my online courses and it is actually a lot of work. It’s hard to find the motivation to get everything done on time (readings and assignments), but it is very interesting. I love studying anthropology and I was right thinking this discipline would satisfy my thirst of discoveries.

 Tonight I’m going out for the first time… exciting!

 Oh! And I know now why this town is called Leon (Lion in spanish): my hair is so fuzzy because of the heat that I look like a lion for real!

*On the picture, you can see my new good friend, Blanco (White) the black cat!  For those wondering how I can survive to his presence, it is because the hostel has a big interior courtyard (being inside is also being outside).

4 Responses to “Tracking News from Central America – 1”
  1. Audrey says:

    Je suis contente que tu aimes ça 🙂 Quand on se compare on se console. Imagines toi de quoi mes cheveux auraient l’air avec cette tempéraure. jajajaja. Et pour l’école…. hummmm qu’est-ce qu’on dit dans ces moments là.. 😛

  2. DF says:

    Everything seems to be going so well!

    I hope it stays like this for the whole trip. Keep enjoying your stay!

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