Tracking News from Central America – 0

I gave this report the number 0 because I will use it to explain in a few words how come I end up spending four months in Central America and roughly how I planned this trip.

 I decided to spend my summer in Central America in January. I was looking to travel the longer I could for the minimal cost possible. I had two main possibilities: learning Arabic in Egypt or volunteering in Central America. The option of Egypt was a little bit shorter and more expensive, but I was still considering it until I found THE volunteering opportunity in Nicaragua. It became obvious for me that I would go to Nicaragua if the organism wanted my help. They answered positively so my decision was taken. I found a volunteering opportunity on Idealist. I’m staying for free and volunteering in hostal Sonati, a non-profit hostel supporting a local environment education project. I will spend three months here and after that I reserved myself five weeks to travel in other countries of Central America. I’m looking forward to visit Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama (I come back home from Panama) though my plans aren’t fixed yet.

 As I already speak spanish quite well, this trip is not a professional challenge or anything. I just wanted to take a few months just for myself, allowing me time to relax and have fun after the exhausting school year I just went through. Speaking of school, I won’t be totally intellectually inactive during the summer, I registered for two online university courses. Those are anthropology courses and this means that I am highly motivated to work on it, studying this discipline being a dream I had since high school.

 I hope you also got great summer plans (why don’t you leave a comment to tell me about it?) and I invite you to read regularly about my adventure!


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