Introduction to the Tracking Books Project

Since reading is an important travel matter for me (see my article about that) and this website is about tracking someone (or is it something?), I decided to create a literature section that has two main points of interest: what I am reading and where these books will travel.

Firstly, I will present in this section my travel readings (which are not always so interesting in themselves) describing how I found them, what they brought me, how they were useful/interesting/painful/etc., how they affected my mood, and other facts that you might find interesting.

I will also update my reading posts in order to follow the trajectory of the books I will read along my journey. Each time I will read a book that I will leave somewhere in the world, I will write a little note in the book’s cover asking the next readers to contact me to let me know where the book has been found and gave away again. I have no idea of how successful this enterprise will be, but let’s try just in case it ends up being an awesome project!

I hope you enjoy as much as I do the idea of tracking books all around the world! Let’s start this adventure now!


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