There are no magical recipes

I often hear people around me (or read bloggers) saying things like “Traveling alone is SO MUCH BETTER than traveling with other people!” In the travelers’ community, I noticed a big propensity to act as if we’ve seen and experienced everything. We definitely have something to learn from this famous quotation wise Socrates said: “All I know is that I know nothing”. The way we travel is one of the most personal decisions we can take. There is almost nothing that can reflect more our personality traits. It is true that getting experience makes us more confident about attacking adventurous travels but there is no point to associate the taste for traveling in group or planning the trip before going with a puerile state of what I will call “travel maturity”. There are people who will never spend a week-end alone without suffering even when home. I don’t understand why travelers would not have the right to like traveling with other people… Also, there are people who like things to be clear and safe and people who like things to be unsure and open to last-minute unplanned changes. Once more, why travelers couldn’t feel free to plan their trip if they want it to be planned?

I won’t give you here my own opinion about traveling alone or with other people… what do I know about it? I know what I know, which is ridiculously nothing compared to what I will get to know in the future (which is ridiculously pointless considering it won’t help anybody). For the same reasons, I won’t tell you if I like to plan my travels or not. It always depends on what, where, how, with who and so on. I entitled this post “There are no magical recipes” because the way we travel is definitely the most unstable part of travelers’ life.


Here are some shocking truths (to be read only by people judging they can handle it):

-Sometimes, venerable travelers don’t want to mix with the locals.

-Sometimes, venerable travelers like to book their hostel in advance.

-Sometimes, venerable travelers speak only to people they already know.

-Sometimes, venerable travelers wear inappropriate clothes.

-Sometimes, venerable travelers like to get on a tour for stereotyped tourists.

-Sometimes, venerable travelers choose to eat tomato pastas instead of that amazing local food they probably won’t ever have another occasion to try.

And you know what? It doesn’t matter.

3 Responses to “There are no magical recipes”
  1. Marie says:

    Oh god. I think i’m SUCH a tiny shy and insecure traveler who’s scared of intriguing local food or to not know weeks before i leave what i’m gonna do and where i’m gonna be. But thanks to you, now i’m getting to think it doesn’t matter (:

  2. easylifestyles says:

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  3. Joanie says:

    Mmmm tomato pastas… Always there for you, wherever you are on the globe.

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