Two-minute escapes (tricks from a professional)


Dear stressed readers,

Pretty much all of us feel at least once a day the need to escape for a couple of minutes. Each of us has our own reasons and there is no need to list them here. Personally, especially on these days, I think almost permanently about how great my life would be if I could move as often as I want for a two-minute break into a paradisiacal deserted beach with turquoise clear water and palm trees providing shade. Since life is not that cool, I developed some tricks to relax and escape without even moving out of my bedr… oh sorry, study room. Two minutes (and one accessory for some of them) is all you need to make YOUR breaks look like a great deal you just got from your favorite airline company!

*Roll a tennis ball between a wall and your back (especially on painful points).

*Eyes closed, focus on your respiration.

*Click here and follow the instructions. It’s ok if you fail, aren’t you there to relax?

*Tell yourself a funny story (or recall a personal episode that makes you feel good).

* Have fun on the National Geographic’s website. Eh! We said “TWO minutes” not half an hour!

*Take a micro-walk.

*Stand in front of a window and don’t think about anything. Turn off your brain!

WARNING! Escaping from what gives you knots in the back NEVER means taking a look on Twitter, Facebook or your email box.

Good luck my dear stressed readers! Don’t forget the inestimable power of visualization! Actually, when someone bothers me, I visualize that person in his/her thin-slice version… Always very effective.  


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