The myth of not having to be rich to travel

Being rich or poor leaves place to a lot of interpretations. On the monetary side, being rich is obviously not necessary to start travelling. On the other hand, let’s stop putting our head in the sand: leaving without any financial cushion is almost impossible (it is definitely unsafe). However, for me, richness is not only about money and, considering my own definition of “being rich”, travelling is not achievable for a poor person.

For me, being rich is having the intuition of choosing what is good for you. It is being able to keep your head in uncomfortable situations. Being rich is also having the necessary resourcefulness to fix things (either material or abstract) when they need to be fixed. Richness resides in having something to rely on if things ever go wrong; that something can be people, self-confidence, experience… Being rich is being strong enough to say “no”. It is loving yourself enough to count on you or enjoy spending time alone. It is also loving other people enough to go toward them and trust them. In my point of view, a rich person is someone regardless on giving and who accepts to receive no matter what and how much.

Considering richness as something else than just money, I think that it is a myth that being rich is not necessary to go overseas. Travelling is reserved to people who can psychologically afford it. There is always a start, but sometimes the step is just too big. I have seen people having made a too big first step and people who though travelling would resolve all those personal problems affecting them in their cosy life. I highly encourage people to travel, but I refuse to present it as THE Solution. Travel for the good reasons and according to your capacities; this is the only way to get satisfaction and fulfillment.


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