Top 4½ reasons to learn languages

Learning languages may seem optional for some people who already speak English. As it is the international language of the world, a lot of us think it is okay to speak English to anyone, even people approaching you using another language. However, speaking many languages has a lot advantages. Here is the top 4 ½ of them:

1. Learn other languages to be able to cope in any (or almost) situation

Speaking English is great and useful. Unfortunately, as soon as you get a little bit out of the popular track in a foreign country, a lot of people won’t speak a word of English and, yes, you do look silly when you get mad and speak English anyways expecting to be understood.

2. Speaking a lot of languages is good for your brain

Many researches tend to prove that speaking more than one language creates in your brain more connections between concepts which, among other things, protects your memory. Make a healthy choice: start learning a new language! See that article for further information.

 3. Speaking the local language is the best way to get to know the country

When travelling in a country where English is not widely spoken, it is the most efficient way to get with the locals. There is always people speaking English somewhere, but there is a big probability that their friends, with who you want to mix, don’t speak English. While Couchsurfing, it might also be easier to find someone to stay with if you speak a couple of languages.

 4. Be part of the big web the world is.

Globalization is about connecting people together. Speaking more than one language is becoming a stronger connection in the web. Multilingualism is about having the power of doing what we want and where we want. It is being socially responsible by giving access to your talent and knowledge to non-English speaker.

 4½. Speaking more than one language gives you credibility.

Impress your parents-in-law or your future employer. Have a great resume. Access to privileges and responsibilities you would not have had otherwise. Don’t become a boaster though; there are a lot of multilingual people out there: about 70% of the world’s population is at least bilingual!


One Response to “Top 4½ reasons to learn languages”
  1. Great post. I have two languages under my belt, English and Italian. It’s a wonderful feeling to communicate with others in their native language.

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