The typical day of a summer job searcher in Banff, Canada

9:30: Waking up is rough. A big headache and a tummy sickness command you to stay in bed but will you really miss the free pancakes breakfast of your hostel. Hurry up!

10:30: Your best outfit on (okay the only one you brought that is appropriated both for the temperature AND the job research), you hit the Banff Avenue with a bunch resumes you polished with the helpful staff of the Job Research Center (so everyone has roughly the same than you).

11:00: You gave about five resumes to five front desk agents because the managers were obviously all busy with a very important business. Your poor “May/Can I see the manager please?” is used because of your overuse of that sentence during the past days. Your feet hurt. You are thirsty. The worst is that you are not naïve enough to think your resume is not yet in the recycle bin with the 30 others they received on that day.

12:00: Lunchtime with your friends, which are as exhausted as you. You all feel like there are absolutely no place you didn’t go to beg for a job.

1h00: Time for a nap.

15:00: Oh my gosh. You slept way more than you expected, but whatever… Anyways, there ARE actually NO place more to give your resume! You check out to the reception of your hostel. No employers called.

16:00: Time to go to the park, relax with your friends, play card games and take some sun.

17:00: You cook some ingredients from what you have got in the food bank.

18:00: Desert will be a treat from the candy shop. Walking the Banff Avenue is much more painless when it is not for asking to see the manager!

19:00: Time to get alcohol and juice mixed in your water bottle. You have no money to eat, but you have got a special budget to party. You are in Banff, man! You get ready to go out and you join other people to play drinking games.

22:30: You are already wasted when you get to one of the two bars in town. Hopefully, there is some special party (ex. Foam party) going on.

2:00: Bars close. You get to the hostel, freezing like a parrot in Antarctic, and you literally pass out in your bunk bed.

9:30: Will you REALLY miss that free breakfast just because of a hangover?


Yes, I did live that lifestyle for a couple weeks. When it got obvious that we would never find a job there, we decided to move. The truth is that even if we had found a job there, partying every single night in one of the two bars of the town was already becoming boring and repetitive. We were ready to enlarge our horizons.


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