Being a woman rocks!

On this International Women’s Day, posting an article celebrating the strength of the women is inevitable. As a traveler, I often hear comments like “A small woman as you, making your way all alone? You are kidding, right?” Well, no! There is no joke about it: YES, we are able to do whatever (or almost) men do, especially travelling and realizing our dreams. Being a woman doesn’t change what we are able to do; it only sometimes makes a difference on how we proceed. When exploring other countries with different cultures, being a woman is not, as a lot of people think, one more risk added to the list. It is actually often an asset because men tend to be protective to us and we can generally count on the woman solidarity if things go bad. When hitchhiking during a whole summer with two other friends (girls too) in the western part of Canada, we never got any problems. The opposite of “problems” would be closer to the reality: people were truly good to us, offering food, water, help, contacts and even CDs! During this time, our guy friends were dying of heat on the side of the road just because of their male condition, which makes them potentially more dangerous!

Amazing women influenced me to become the strong person I am now. And those women were not shaped like Barbie nor were they appearing in gossip magazines. Most of them are people I met or I mixed with. My desire to travel and build my carreer on it became tangible after I read the autobiography of Lucie Pagé, Conflict of the heart. Mrs. Pagé is a Canadian journalist and writer who covered the apartheid in South Africa while the country was under the presidency of Nelson Mandela. She got married there with the well-known politician Jay Naidoo. More than one time, she had to assert her rights or protect herself from the injuries of which she was victim either because being white or being a woman. I heartily recommend the reading of this book to any woman who is interested about inspiring experiences of great women.

Because we are great and because we get our strength from being part of a huge community (roughly half of the world’s population!), let’s celebrate the International Women’s Day under the sign of the self-confidence!

One Response to “Being a woman rocks!”
  1. Papa says:

    Taboir, t’es ben bonne !!!

    I’m very impressonned, calvas.


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