4½ ways to avoid feeling sick on buses



My own experience about avoiding feeling sick is based on Mexican bus ride experiences. However, I think those tips are valid for any bus ride, especially when it takes place on a wining and badly maintained road.




1. Sit the further away you can from the toilet. 

Toilets aboard DO smell bad and it can be unpleasant even when sitting right in front, behind the driver. If you have a seat choice to make when buying the ticket, make sure to choose your place wisely (better to put up with the loud music of the driver than the odor of the toilet. 


2. Always have something to eat on you.

 Give priority to neutral food like crackers. They always make a good job when feeling sick onboard. Pretzels or ordinary chips are also good allies. A fresh fruit can also be helpful, as long as it is not too sweet. For example, clementines are awesome for me while bananas make me feel even worse.


3. Bring chewing gum, toothpaste and water.

This is the most basic tip that can be given.


4. Take fresh air whenever it is possible

Passengers boarding at two o’clock in the morning? Seize the occasion to get off and breathe some fresh air anyways. Stops are sometimes rare and there are no reasons to lose the opportunity to go outside. Nevertheless, don’t forget to tell the driver you are going out for a few minutes…


4½. Have mint flavored dental floss within reach.

Dental floss once saved me when I was on a 14 hours bus ride on a mountainous road with almost no stops. I had forgotten to take with me my chewing gum and my toothpaste. I remembered I had my dental floss in my bag and it literally saved me from throwing up in a little bag for ten hours.



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