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Tracking News from Central America – 1

It has been about 10 days now since I arrived in Nicaragua. I think it’s time for the first Tracking News real article! So I arrived in Managua last Tuesday, totally exhausted after about 48 hours of no sleep. I had a good sleep in an air-conditioned room and then I was ready to start my Nicaraguan … Continue reading

May 9th Guacamole

  Two days ago, I thought it would be nice to make some guacamole for dinner, considering I didn’t really want to cook on such a hot day (with about 50 celsius). I went to the market to buy an avocado and an onion (oh and those fresh tortillas still warm when you buy them). … Continue reading

Jeez Wise!

How to give your drying underwear some privacy when sleeping in a dorm…   Double clothesline!

Tracking News from Central America – 0

I gave this report the number 0 because I will use it to explain in a few words how come I end up spending four months in Central America and roughly how I planned this trip.  I decided to spend my summer in Central America in January. I was looking to travel the longer I could … Continue reading

Introduction to the Tracking News section

The purpose of this website isn’t actually to relate every single detail of my travels, but as I am currently traveling, I thought it might be interesting to point out on a weekly basis the main interesting sights of the week that just ends. To do so, I decided to create a section named “Tracking news” where … Continue reading

Introduction to the Tracking Books Project

Since reading is an important travel matter for me (see my article about that) and this website is about tracking someone (or is it something?), I decided to create a literature section that has two main points of interest: what I am reading and where these books will travel. Firstly, I will present in this section … Continue reading

4½ ways to get a sunburn

There is no point of writing an article about how to avoid getting sunburned since you, dear reader, probably think you know what to do. That’s okay, I believe you. But… since Mr. Sunburn recently started being sly with me, I thought it might be nice of me to share with you my 4½ ways … Continue reading

There are no magical recipes

I often hear people around me (or read bloggers) saying things like “Traveling alone is SO MUCH BETTER than traveling with other people!” In the travelers’ community, I noticed a big propensity to act as if we’ve seen and experienced everything. We definitely have something to learn from this famous quotation wise Socrates said: “All … Continue reading